Karijini Average Day Temperatures

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Min Temp (°C) 26.2 25.6 23.8 20.8 15.0 12.0 9.9 11.6 14.4 18.3 21.6 24.8
Max Temp (°C) 40.8 39.2 37.7 34.3 28.5 24.5 24.3 26.9 31.0 34.8 37.5 40.0



Weather By Season

Karijini's climate can best be described as tropical semi-desert. A highly variable, mainly summer rainfall of 250–350mm, often associated with thunderstorms and cyclones, is accompanied by temperatures frequently topping 40°C. The ideal times to visit are late autumn, winter and early spring. Winter days are warm and clear, but nights are cold and sometimes frosty.


(June to August)

The winter months average about 25°C during the day which is ideal for hiking the gorges and exploring the park, but can drop to 0°C at night, so bring warm clothing (thermals, jumpers, jackets, beanies, gloves), and if camping, bring extra bedding (blankets, warm sleeping bags).


(December to February)

Temperatures at Karijini during this period can reach in excess of 40°C on a daily basis. Our new Luxury Eco Tents have solar powered air conditioning but the rest of our accommodation is not air-conditioned. Deluxe Eco Tents have a pedestal fan and natural ventilation only.


Cyclone Season
(November to April)

Please be aware and check weather and road conditions, park alerts including closures, and especially cyclone season safety if travelling to Australia’s north, and plan your visit carefully. Cyclones and inclement weather can occur in Australia’s north between November and April. If your booking is between the months of November and April, please ensure that you are aware of any potential cyclones in the area and any Park Alerts before leaving home. Decisions made to continue your travel to the Karijini Eco Retreat/Karijini National Park during the risk of a potential cyclone will be taken into consideration when refunds are issued.



More Info

Our team is happy to assist you with information on road conditions, road closures, weather and park alerts. Please contact us on or phone (08) 9286 1731 for more information.