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* Temperatures at Karijini during this period can reach in excess of 40 degrees Celsius on a daily basis

* Our accommodations are NOT air-conditioned. Deluxe Eco Tents and Dorm Eco Cabins have a fan/natural ventilation only

* The Alfresco restaurant will operate during this time, opening for breakfast, lunch & dinner. A selection of menu items will be available during this time (subject to availability) and guests will be asked to pre-order meals on a daily basis

* As places are limited, dinner must be booked in advance

* Please call (08) 9425 5591 – ‘option 2’ to reserve your table and meals

(we are not able to make restaurant bookings via the reservations e-mail address). 

* Guest barbecue facilities will also be available on site

* Reception opening hours will be 7am – 10am, & 12pm - 7.30pm

* Bar and kiosk opening times will coincide with Reception hours

* Supplies such as ice creams, snacks, ice for your eski and beverages will be subject to availability

* We strongly advise that guests arrive in either 4WD or AWD vehicles (there are approx 3km of unsealed road when approaching from the western access road)

* If renting your vehicle please check requirements/restrictions directly with them

* We highly recommend the use of insect repellant

* There will be no Tour Operator services at the Karijini Eco Retreat or in the National Park during this period

**The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions (DBCA) have notified us of their intention to introduce a low season ‘partial closure’ of some recreation areas/gorges within Karijini National Park for the period 1st December 2019 to 29th February 2020. During this period, guests will not have access to the Weano recreation area (including Weano gorge, Hancock Gorge & Oxer Lookout). Other attractions, gorges and the Karijini Eco Retreat will remain open (subject to weather conditions).

* For your own convenience and safety it is advisable that you check all weather and road conditions before your arrival and (if visiting the gorges) please ensure that in the event of adverse weather conditions you take appropriate steps to leave the gorges immediately


Entry into the National Park and to the Karijini Eco Retreat via Bunjima Drive (West) is now sealed, barring the 3km access road to the Retreat. Entry via the Visitor Centre is an unsealed road, (gravel) and although this road is graded regularly we recommend AWD/4WD vehicles to be used. Please note that there may be corrugations. Please ensure that all belongings are secured, particularly in caravans and trailers prior to entering the National Park via the Visitor Centre.

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) reserves the right to close roads within the National Park for safety reasons and/or due to adverse weather conditions.

Feel free to call the Reception Team on (08) 9425 5591 (select option 2 for the restaurant) to check road conditions into the Retreat.

Please ensure when renting vehicles that you check directly with the rental company that their intended vehicle can be taken on to unsealed (gravel) roads prior to making a reservation.



Guests staying in the National Park during the winter months (June to August) are advised to ensure that they have warm clothing, particularly for the night time as temperatures can drop to zero degrees during this period.


Karijini Average Day Temperatures
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Min Temp (C) 26.2 25.6 23.8 20.8 15.0 12.0 9.9 11.6 14.4 18.3 21.6 24.8
Max Temp (C) 40.8 39.2 37.7 34.3 28.5 24.5 24.3 26.9 31.0 34.8 37.5 40.0



Please help keep Australia beautiful by disposing of your rubbish responsibly

We minimise our impact on the environment by using solar panels to power Karijini Eco Retreat, using natural cleaning products to minimise chemicals in the Park, providing hot water bottles instead of heaters, and supply guests staying in our deluxe eco tents with eco-friendly soap products. 

Please help us to protect the environment by:

  • Respecting the Eco-friendly policies of the Retreat by taking short showers and flushing the toilet using the half-flush button.
  • Keeping the area the way you would like to find it.
  • Taking your rubbish with you. As this is a National Park, we must ask that our take your rubbish with you on departure.

"Take only memories, leave only footprints." 

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