Grand North West Drives

These self-drive itineraries encompass a selection of the most extraordinary highlights in Western Australia's northern big nature playgrounds.


There are four routes to choose from:




Each route explores a range of iconic sites which reflect the natural beauty of the state, combining pristine coastal seascapes with ancient gorge country, the ghosts of the goldrush and pioneer days, dreamtime stories and rock art from one of the world's oldest living cultures.



Discover some of WA's most extraordinary natural phenomena

• Lunar landscapes on the Pinnacles Desert drive at Nambung National Park

• Vibrant colours of Shark Bay, where the desert meets the ocean

• Wild friendly dolphins at Monkey Mia 

• A favourite playground for whale sharks, the gentle giants of the sea, at Ningaloo

• Ancient gorges over two billion years in the making at Karijini National Park

• Dreamtime trails of the gigantic Warlu serpent, who carved the waterways, including Onslow and the Mackerel Islands

• The world's biggest rock - Mt. Augustus!



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